What Is The difference Between Hot Melt Tape and Acrylic Tape?

Acrylic tape

With the aluminium foil composite cloth as the base material, high performance special thermosensitive adhesive is uniformly coated. High peel strength, good initial adhesion, excellent cohesion and good weather resistance.

It is mainly used for external packaging, refrigerator, refrigeration equipment and sealing and side connection of thermal insulation engineering.

hot melt tape

Specifically, it is a hot-melt tape used for automatic plug-in of electronic components in the production process. The hot-melt adhesive tape is made by applying a pressure-sensitive adhesive layer on one side of the high-strength wrinkle paper used as the base. The hot-melt adhesive tape can be used together with the paper tape used as the carrier to realize the orderly arrangement of electronic components, and under normal temperature, the electronic components are firmly bonded between the carrier paper and the hot-melt adhesive tape of the utility model. It can realize the automatic plug-in of electronic components, not only can it not be inserted wrongly, but also can improve the production efficiency

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