Características y escena de aplicación de la cinta acrílica

In the process of production and life, whether used for sealing boxes or for some special industries, people have come into contact with a variety of tapes. There are many kinds of adhesive tapes according to material and use,  among which acrylic tape is a special one. Acrylic is actually a kind of material, which is mainly composed of acrylic pressure sensitive adhesive and release film, and is our common acrylic tape through the process of pressing. The following will introduce the use characteristics and application scene of acrylic tape.


1. Characteristics of acrylic tape

i. Acrylic tape is waterproof, dustproof, moisture-proof, heat-resistant, shock-absorbing, sound-proff and UV- resistance.

ii. Acrylic tape has strong adhesion and excellent weather resistance.

iii. Acrylic tape is easy for die cutting, and has a strong adhesion ability for metal materials, plastic materials, wood, paper and silicone, which are not easy to stick on the surface.

iv. Better adhesion between acrylic tape and the pasted object, and the acrylic tape has strong retention ability in high temperature environment.

v. Acrylic tape has strong adhesion ability in high surface materials and low surface materials.

vi. Acrylic tape has good balance of initial viscosity and shear strength.

vii. Acrylic tape doesn't react with other substances.


2. The main application scene of acrylic tape

i. Construction industry

For the glass curtain wall, the acrylic tape can provide more convenient, faster and simpler operation during the assembly. Moreover, it has good adhesion and sealing ability to meet the needs of construction.

ii. Home appliance industry

For home appliances such as refrigerator, air conditioner and washing machine, acrylic tape can provide sealing, shock absorption, bonding, fixing and other effects.

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