7 Kinds of Tapes to Be Mentioned

The adhesive tape is made of paper, cloth and film as the base material, and then the glue is evenly coated on the base material so that paper adhesive tape, cloth adhesive tape or film adhesive tape are made. According to the adhesive properties, it can be divided into solvent adhesive tape, emulsion adhesive tape, hot melt adhesive tape, calender adhesive tape and reactive adhesive tape, which are composed of base material, adhesive and isolation paper (film).

BOPP sealing tape

BOPP is used as the base material for the sealing tape, and pressure-sensitive adhesive is applied on one or both sides. BOPP, namely biaxially stretched polypropylene film, is transparent and glossy and can be printed. It is mostly used as the base material of case sealing tape.

Transparent sealing tape

Transparent sealing tape is a kind of adhesive tape with biaxially stretched polypropylene film as the base material and one layer of pressure-sensitive adhesive is evenly coated on one side of the base material. It is usually divided into two types: semi-transparent and beige.

Kraft paper tape

Long before, it's made of cow skin. The price was more high, and human learned the chemical synthesis. Therefore, the wood fiber is used for synthesis, and then after a special chemical treatment, the shape and color of the paper is like cow leather material.

Masking tape

Masking tape, is also known as masking paper, masking gummed paper. The masking paper is its base material and it is coated with pressure-sensitive adhesive. The strength of adhesive is its main performance. It can be reused without residual glue; it is commonly used in the field of decorative purposes for masking purposes.

Duct tape

Thermal compounding of gauze fiber is the base material of duct tape. It is coated with polyethylene high adhesive on one or both sides. It is of the performance of strong anti stripping, anti pulling, waterproof, anti-corrosion and high-temperature aging resistance, and it is an insulating adhesive tape.

Printed tape

Printing tape, also known as printing tape, is commonly used for the tape with brand LOGO or brand name printed in the brand sealing tape. This tape is often customized. The use of printing tape can improve the brand image and promote the brand.

High temperature adhesive tape

High temperature adhesive tape is the adhesive tape used in high temperature working environment. It is mainly used in electronic industry. Its temperature resistance is usually between 120°C and 260°C. It is commonly used in paint spraying, paint leather processing, coating masking, fixing in electronic parts manufacturing process, printed circuit board and high temperature treatment masking. There are green high temperature tape, high temperature masking tape, high temperature double-sided tape, etc.

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