What is the Difference Between Duct Tape and Case Sealing Tape?

As a kind of multi-functional adhesive tape, cloth base can be seen in our daily life with its rich and colorful application field, and gradually replaces the position of transparent sealing tape. So what are the differences between duct tape and transparent case sealing tape? Let's make a simple comparison:

First of all, it is analyzed from the perspective of viscosity

Compared with transparent OPP sealing tape, the duct tape is of higher viscosity. In addition, the weight of the duct tape can be adjusted according to the actual use, and different stickiness of it can be customized.

Secondly, it is analyzed from the aspect of stretching

Transparent OPP has low tensile resistance and is generally used for packing ordinary objects. For the binding of some heavy objects, the resistance of ordinary tape is limited, and there is no way to complete the solid binding operation. The polyethylene film and gauze are the base material of the duct tape. It is of strong tensile resistance due to the gauze fiber. In the case of bundling large items, we can use duct tape instead of ordinary tape.

Finally, it is analyzed from the operation process

Transparent OPP needs to be used with case sealer or art cutter, which is not convenient for home use. The duct tape is of good tensile strength, but in the actual operation, it can be easily torn off by hand without any tools, which is quite convenient. Of course, the duct tape also has the characteristics of bright colors, grease resistance, waterproof, and anti-corrosion. It can be used in many aspects, such as ground marking, pipeline repair, handicraft packaging, etc.

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